Berin Art Management represents Alexander Gindin & Boris Berezovsky's exclusively piano duet with the unique program from the works of the American authors .

The first concert of pianists has taken place in the Svetlanovsky hall of t he Moscow International House of Music. Two outstanding virtuosos allocated with exclusive performing energy, on the one stage the event, capable to blow up habitual representation about a piano duet. Alexander Gindin and Boris Berezovsky musicians of the big scale and bright individuality. Both possess phenomenal pianistic technics, both won in prestigious international competitions: B.Berezovsky has received the first award at IX competition of P.I. Tchaikovsky in 1990, and after four years A.Gindin became the winner of the same competition. Both Berezovsky and Gindin are bright interpreters, the pianists-intellectuals having the broadest repertoire. They are included into the number of the most demanded pianists of Russia and abroad. The duet of two pianists is the unique ensemble, connecting the accident and the law, created original result of the creative effort which basis is perfect level of execution. They have left from classics and even from habitual concept of a piano composition. The idea to reproduce the American program has been caused by the musical material found in America. The duet program is various and extensive from American to Russian compositions. The unique repertoire is created and at the same time is flexible enough to plan the program for each audience and place. In the product of the program: J. ?????, G. Stone, A. Koplenda and many other American and domestic composers. B. Berezovsky is known for a long time as the pianist owning improvisation-jazz art. And Gindin has appeared absolutely identical to him in a manner of reproduction similar intonation. For audience the program will be absolutely new and unusual which is executed by a duet top-level understanding of a plot, shine and masterly perfection. Pianists will present to audience something absolutely not connected with representations about a piano sound. Rhythmic barriers for ensemble embodiments have appeared close to limiting, but are overcome with an absolute measure of virtuosity.